17 March 2011


At some point in my graduate career I stopped practicing and started being. It's like the moment during my best off-road 10K race that I realized I had stopped trying to be a runner and started being one. I might be a 10-minute miler, but I run nonetheless. I'm faster than some, slower than most, but I'm out there running.

Exciting news that might be old news by now: We'll start our lives in Raleigh, North Carolina, very soon. I've accepted a position as Associate Director of Composition at NC State. I love paperwork and peoplework, so any job in administration suits me well. I always thought I'd go in to some kind of management, and I'm hoping my management background will pay off. I'm very much a MBWAL adherent (Management By Walking Around and Listening. Google it. It's a real term).  It's no wonder I'm pulled to qual.

It also occurred to me that with this shift in title I'll have to refocus this blogspace. I'll no longer be dissertating after March 31st. Scholarship can be a verb, too, right? I'm scholarshipping right now. Not as irritatingly wrong as dissertating. This title needs thought.

What am I excited about right now? A new locale, a new career, new new new, paddling my kayak, cleaning my house, defending my dissertation (since it's work I still believe in and am excited to talk about), getting outside during Tennessee's best season. Spring is only about two weeks long here, but it's a glorious two weeks.

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